>Gloomy & Wet!


Well it has now been some eight weeks since I started attempting to run again and four weeks or so since I managed my first 10km. I am now back to running 20-25 km distances at the weekends and now managing evening distances of around 14km also. It feels almost like business as usual again.

Bluebells brightening up an otherwise thoroughly dull evening

And as the excitement for this years LAMM grows, to remove any last excuses,I have got some new running shoes. Another pair of Inov-8’s to replace my rapidly shredded previous pair, which seemed to have soles that self destructed on anything other than smooth fell grasslands. I wasn’t expecting much when I returned my rather sorry looking (and damp) shoes back to Pete Blands, but to their credit have taken them in, so I await Inov-8’s response with interest.

Shiny new Mudclaw 270’s!

As I dont have time to be without any fell shoes and seeing as the new Mudclaw 270’s have been revamped including a much improved lacing system and have, i am promised (!) a more durable sole unit, it was straight out onto the fells this evening, despite the appalling weather, with a brand new pair. First impressions are that they are more comfortable and once the greyish white tinge has faded will not look quite so chav-ish!

Running on the flanks of Potter Fell

So this evening it was off through the persistent rain and gusty winds off around on my familiar circuit of Potter Tarn – Gurnal Dubs and Potter Fell. The legs were feeling a little lethargic after Sundays outing but on the whole not too bad and only the slightest, faintest hint of any hang-over from my knee injury.

The Streams are running well again

Lets just hope there’s a credit on its way from Inov-8 and I can needlessly buy that new (and 200 grams lighter) Elite Pro 20 rucksack I have been pondering over…………

Distance: 14km Ascent: 500m


About Richard Talbot

An accomplished fell-runner as well as being a keen climber and mountaineer. Since 2005 he has worked for the UK based manufacturer Mountain Equipment and is currently Director of Product. He has worked in the outdoor industry for over 15 years.
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One Response to >Gloomy & Wet!

  1. duncan says:

    >Hi Richard, well done on managing your recovery so well, am enjoying reading your blog. I was up Potters Tarn the other day with family, I wondered what your route was around Potters. I’m assuming its circuitous. Seems like a nice alternative to Scout Scar of a lunchtime.

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