Back to back

Its been a while since I’ve done back to back days running on the fells, i’ve deliberately not done so, choosing to mix in some road-cycling or simply give my legs a chance to recover but as we head towards the time of the season where there are more ‘Long’ fell races and the odd ‘mountain-marathon’ looming on the horizon, its time to start to upping the mileage.

Langdale Pikes from Esk Pike

And so Sunday morning found me toiling up the Band. I dont go out of my way to run up this thunderous lump, I cant say I ever particularly enjoy it but at least its direct. 40 minutes or so after leaving the Old Dungeon Ghyll car-park i veered off the main path and struck out, initially on the small path that heads towards the Climbers Traverse before, just as the path breaks out onto the prow of the ridge-line and drops towards the crags, I cut left and picked my way through the craggy ground attempting to stick to the indistinct upper ridge.

As expected I found myself in a small grassy hollow just to the East of the main path that comes up the scree choked gully above ‘Three Tarns’. A quick rising traverse brought me onto the main path and it was a short run to the summit of Bowfell.

From the summit of Bowfell, i had a change of plan, and rather than retracing part of my route and heading over to Crinkle Crags, I dropped down to the North-West heading for Great End. This would serve as a mental refresher for the first third of the Great Lakes Run.

A fast runnable trod can be found just to the left (in descent) of the main path and this quickly brings you to Ore Gap, followed shortly afterwards by the promintory of Esk Pike. From this satellite peak its a descending path towards Esk Hause, it looks much further down than it actually is, but that doesnt make the climb back up the other side towards Great End any less tiring.

Rich & Seren on Great End

The obvious turning point from the main path is rather handily marked by an old erosion sign, blink and you’ll miss it, you’re looking for a small wooden sign without any markings on it!

View north from Great End

I misjudged the vague trod heading upto Great End, veering too far North too early causing me to pick my way across bouldery ground, luckily today it did not matter and I quickly re-routed towards the summit proper.

A short stop and it was back on the long descent back to Langdale, heading down to Esk Hause before picking up the main path that led back to Angle Tarn, Rosset Ghyll and the warmth of the valley floor. All that was left for, was a well-earned pint in the Old Dungeon Ghyll.

Distance: TBC Ascent: Time: 2 hours 33 minutes


About Richard Talbot

An accomplished fell-runner as well as being a keen climber and mountaineer. Since 2005 he has worked for the UK based manufacturer Mountain Equipment and is currently Director of Product. He has worked in the outdoor industry for over 15 years.
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