Back on it….

I’d finished last weeks Kendal Winter League on Scout Scar in an indifferent mood, which was firmly reinforced by a Facebook notification from Mike Vogler, which I’ll paraphrase, 42 miles and 11’oooft this week. Put my five mile jaunt around the scar into perspective.

Clearly I needed to get back to running and after thoroughly tough week in which my courageous cousin lost her battle with illness, there was a renewed kick to stop wasting my time and finding excuses.

And so as the morning darkness began to relinquish its grip on the day I found myself on Saturday driving into Langdale to meet up with Mike to join him on a training run. He’s got his eyes set on a Paddy Buckley Round in May, I simply needed to get going again, and for the time being, ensure my training is at least at the same intensity as last year. That frankly doesn’t mean very much but is better than doing nothing. Mike was keen for a steady run around the tops of Langdale. It sounded perfect.


Winding my way along the lanes out of Chapel stile I was greeted with clag and an obvious snow-line at 500m. A slight change of plan saw us heading straight up the Band, Thunacar Knott in the clag seemed like an unnecessary slog.



By the time we had traversed into the top of the gully high above Three Tarns, a cold, damp, numbing wind was blowing. Rime Ice was steadily building on the rocks all around, and a perfect ankle busting layer of ice and snow was laid out for us to enjoy. Hardly ideal and neither of us had thought to bring any micro-spikes. And so with no views to enjoy, and both keen to keep any form of tempo up, we didnt hang about made the quick switch-back to Bowfells summit before heading back across Crinkle Crags.

We took a slightly circticious route to Long Top, the clag was down and in the white haze spotting any line, let alone the fast one was difficult. From here the clouds began to lift and as we rejoined the main path, dropping down over the bad step, we picked up the pace once more en route to Pike O Blisco. The final pull onto Blisco was thankfully short lived, and some 15 minutes after leaving its lofty top we found ourselves back at Stool End Farm.







About Richard Talbot

An accomplished fell-runner as well as being a keen climber and mountaineer. Since 2005 he has worked for the UK based manufacturer Mountain Equipment and is currently Director of Product. He has worked in the outdoor industry for over 15 years.
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