Dash for Blisco

Awoke to the sound of more rain this morning. I wasn’t in a hurry to get up, the darkness had morphed into a familiar gloom that could hardly be described as daylight.

But with a brief 3 hour weather window forecast when the rain (and now sleet and snow) would ease I coaxed myself into action and headed into Langdale.

The Langdale Pikes and Pike O Blisco were clear for now. Everything else was cloaked in cloudy gloom, just a fresh sprinkling of snow poking through up towards Esk Hause and Great End. But the wind was still blowing and there was a determined headwind as we ran along the valley bottom towards Stool End Farm. As expected that eased as we headed further into the head of the valley and began the climb up towards Red Tarn. The expected gale didn’t materialise at the col, instead it was a relatively benign ascent of Pike O Blisco’s western flank, only a few determined damp souls out enjoying their New Years Eve.

We paused briefly on the summit, scanned the temporarily clearing horizon and the light snowfall which could be seen in the far distance on Helvellyn and St. Sunday Crag and began our descent. Almost like clock-work, close to midday, the hail, then wet snow arrived. By the time we had reached the valley bottom once more it was raining hard (and no doubt snowing up high). Dry, definitely not but at least it feels slightly closer to the seasonal norm.

Langdale and Crinkle Crags

The outline of Crinkle Crags emerges from the gloom

Red Tarn

Red Tarn with Wetherlam and the Coniston Fells behind

Approaching Pike O Blisco

Seren on the western flank of Pike O Blisco. Crinkle Crags and Bowfell behind.

Pike O Blisco

A brief stop on the summit of Pike O Blisco. With Steph & Seren




About Richard Talbot

An accomplished fell-runner as well as being a keen climber and mountaineer. Since 2005 he has worked for the UK based manufacturer Mountain Equipment and is currently Director of Product. He has worked in the outdoor industry for over 15 years.
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